BMW E46 M3 E39 530i E60 E38 X5 E53 poulie de déviation 11287841228 neuve


BMW E46 M3 E39 530i E60 E38 X5 E53 poulie de déviation 11287841228 neuve. New BMW Deflection Pulley. +M3 3.2 S50. +M3 3.2 S52. +M3 CSL S54. +Z4 M3.2 S54. +Z3 M3.2 S50. +Z3 M3.2 S54. +Z3 M3.2 S52. New BMW Deflection Pulley We mail our items from Latvia which is located in EUROPE due to this fact there are countries to which the items arrive sooner and countries that take more time as there may not be direct flights and items travel in transit through other countries. CUSTOMS and other institutions can also take up some time. We mostly mail with standard economy shipping in order to offer the best possible price on shipping, there are faster (but much more expensive options) if you are interested in this, please contact us prior purchase USA and North America – estimated delivery time – 2-4 weeks Central and South America – estimated delivery time – 4-6 weeks Europe – estimated delivery time – 1-3 weeks Africa, Asia and Australia – estimated delivery time – 4-6 weeks Manufacturer: INA Condition: 100% New This part fits: If you are not sure about the part fitting your car, please e-mail us your car’s VIN. ATTENTION! part may differ on some models. 3′ Series −E36 +316i M43 +316i 1.6 M43 +318i M43 +318i M42 +318is M42 +318ti M42 +320i M50 +320i M52 +323i M52 +323i 2.4 M52 +323ti M52 +325i M50 +325is M50 +328i M52 +M3 S50 +M3 3.2 S50 +M3 3.2 S52 −E46 +320Ci M54 +320Ci M52 +320i M52 +320i M54 +323Ci M52 +323i M52 +323i 2.4 M52 +325Ci M54 +325Ci M56 +325i M54 +325i M56 +325ti M54 +325xi M54 +328Ci M52 +328i M52 +330Ci M54 +330i M54 +330xi M54 +M3 S54 +M3 CSL S54 −E90 +M3 S65 −E92 +M3 S65 −E93 +M3 S65 5′ Series −E34 +520i M50 +525i M50 +525ix M50 −E39 +520i M52 +520i M54 +523i M52 +523i 2.4 M52 +525i M54 +528i M52 +530i M54 −E60 +M5 S85 −E61 Facelift +M5 S85 6′ Series −E63 +M6 S85 −E64 +M6 S85 7′ Series −E38 +728i M52 +728iL M52 X5 Series −E53 +X5 3.0i M54 Z Series −E85 +Z4 2.2i M54 +Z4 2.5i M54 +Z4 3.0i M54 +Z4 M3.2 S54 −E86 +Z4 M3.2 S54 −Z3 +Z3 2.0 M52 +Z3 2.2i M54 +Z3 2.5 M52 +Z3 2.5i M54 +Z3 2.8 M52 +Z3 3.0i M54 +Z3 M3.2 S50 +Z3 M3.2 S54 +Z3 M3.2 S52 ,check compatibility Part number: 11287841228 Quantity: 1Pcs. To Track Your ITEM go to web Page: Track-Trace and paste your tracking number in POST/EMS(with USPS) field and then click on button TRACK,in first screen you will see where your item is in Latvia, if it is sent out from Latvia then you can click on button CHOOSE COUNTRY, and select your country. Hope this will help. Have a nice day! Item ships within 2 business day after receiving cleared payment. We ship worldwide We are open 7 days a week to answer all Questions. Shipping info: We combine shipping Let us know what you need for a great deal. If you buy more than one item, wait for an invoice. Additional items will add to shipping only by weight. Return Policy We guarantee a complete refund or free exchange within 14 days after receiving the order in the following cases: Incorrect part (the item you receive is different than what was paid for): Inspect your parts once you receive them. If you receive an incorrect item, contact us immediately. We need pictures of the incorrect item and of the box it came in before sending out your replacement or refund. Defective or damaged part inside the box: Inspect your parts as soon as you receive them. If you receive a defective or damaged item, contact us immediately. We need pictures of the damaged item before sending out your replacement or refund. Lost in transit: If your package is lost in transit, a replacement or refund will only be issued after a lost claim has been approved by the shipping company. Buyers who bid on the wrong item are responsible for shipping and handling fees if the item has already been shipped. Returning the order will be at the buyer’s expense. All return requests must be made within 14 days after receiving the order. Items returned in poor condition or having parts missing will not be refunded. Refunds will not be issued due to poor installation, or the customer’s inability to install the part themselves. We will not be responsible for any incorrect or undeliverable address. Feedback Buyer satisfaction is our main objective. If for any reason that you feel that our service is not up to your standard and cannot provide us a positive feedback and 5 Star feedback rating, simply contact us first and let us fix the problem and make sure you are satisfy. var sellerID = « bsparts911 »; var flashPath = « »; var configVars = « »; var strFlashObj = «  »; var html5tag= »; if (navigator.userAgent.match(/iPad|iPhone|iPod/g)) { document.write(html5tag); } else { var FV = window.FV ? window.FV : 0; if (FV 0) { var FP = navigator.plugins[‘Shockwave Flash’]; if (typeof FP == ‘object’){ for (t=7;t>0;t–){ if (FP.description.indexOf(‘ ‘+t+’.’) != -1){ FV=t; break } } if (!FV) FV = 8; } } else { document.writeln( »); document.writeln(‘on error resume next’); document.writeln(‘dim FO’); document.writeln(‘for t=7 to 1 step -1’); document.writeln(‘if FV < 1 then'); document.writeln('set FO = CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash." & t)'); document.writeln('if IsObject(FO) then'); document.writeln('FV = t'); document.writeln('end if'); document.writeln('end if'); document.writeln('next'); document.writeln(' '); } } if (FV>5){document.write(strFlashObj);} else {document.write( »);} } To view the showcase you need Flash 6 or higher. Click here to Install it now. –or– View Other Listings for bsparts911 SHIPPING/Receiving Items IF YOU NOTICE THAT ITEM HAS BEEN MISHANDLED OR THE PACKAGING IS DAMAGED, YOU ARE OBLIGED TO WRITE AN APPLICATION/CLAIM STRAIGHT AWAY IN THE POST OFFICE or when receiving from courier/signing, IF YOU OPEN IT AT HOME AND FIND OUT IT IS DAMAGED WE CANNOT REFUND THE ITEM VALUE, AS INSURANCE COMPANIES HAVE POSTED THIS REGULATION. IF NO CLAIM HAS BEEN FILED AT RECEPTION THEN THE REFUND IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!

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